Just A Few Of My Amazing Students

"I have been a student with Jason for nearly 3 years. I am very happy with my experience.Jason is an extremely capable teacher, making learning fun. There is continually something new to learn at every lesson, while ensuring that basic skills are a focus, in addition to allowing for supplemental individual embellishments. Jason's skill as a musician never ceases to amaze me as well. A true professional.
Thank you Jason for opening this musical experience to me!"

- Paul Secen


The biggest improvement has been just being able to have some creative control and come up with melodies and help produce records at this point, which I couldn’t do before, so this is something that learning the guitar has really helped me with.

– Alex Cronin

The first couple years I tried on my own… with you my progress pretty much skyrocketed. The biggest improvement is probably just being able to improvise over almost any chord change and progression, and I feel comfortable doing it. You make it fun and interesting, you keep it easy in a way; you make it so that theory isn’t boring, and you teach it in a way that is easily applied to the guitar so that when I go home it makes things easier for me.

​- Rob McNamara 

I feel like I’ve progressed a lot quicker, I think mostly with my confidence when it comes to my playing.

– Shelley Saunders

Meet Ian Jones

Ian Jones

I found you actually listened to what I had to say, and you paid attention to it, and you’ve done a good job structuring lessons around what I wanted to get.

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Meet John Tremblay

John Tremblay

One thing I have gotten into in the last year, six months, that I would never been able to do before is I find myself in band right now, which has been a great thing.

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Meet Rory O’Brien

Rory O’Brien

I still come out of here wanting to play, rather than other times I’ve taken lessons with people and I don’t want to continue playing because of the teacher, but here it’s the opposite of that.

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Meet Neeraj Vashist

Neeraj Vashist

​I find the lessons very motivating, so I go home and...

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Meet Ashley Downey

Ashley Downey

I’ve been trying to excel at guitar for years now...

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Meet Dan Giroux

Dan Giroux

I’m a passionate music lover who could no longer put...

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Meet Carl Wilson

Carl Wilson

I am in my late forties and have been learning the...

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Meet Peter den Ouden

Peter den Ouden

I can honestly say I really doubt I would have improved...

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Meet John Adams

John Adams

I’m in my 50’s and always wanted to learn to play guitar...

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