• Are you looking for an easy and fun way to learn how to play the guitar?

• Does the idea of playing your favourite songs on the guitar motivate you?

• Do you feel like you’re stuck at your current level, with no idea how to improve?

• Or are you tired of experiencing very slow progress with your guitar playing?

• Does music theory and notation seem like a foreign language to you?

• Would you like to be able to play lead guitar and know how to solo? 

If You Answered ‘YES!’ To At Least One Of The Questions Above And Want To Know More About How To Find The Best Guitar Lessons In Mississauga, Then You’ve Come To The Right Place.

I’ve seen the frustrations that occur when trying to learn the guitar. I’ve been there myself, and there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck at a dead end. Maybe you just want to learn a few songs for fun, or you’d like to enhance your skill level because you feel you’ve reached your ‘plateau’.

The fact is that, whatever stage you may be at, seeking the help of an experienced guitar teacher will get you on track to where you want to be. I have helped many people just like you learn how to quickly and easily reach the level of guitar playing that they were striving for. With the right help and guidance, learning to play the guitar in Mississauga can be fun and easy. Best of all, you’re going to feel motivated by working on the things that inspire you — whether that be learning your favourite songs, or finally knowing how to make your own solos. 

Learning to play the guitar doesn’t need to be boring. You also don’t need to have a musical background to succeed. The truth is that the single most important deciding factor on whether you will stick with the guitar or not is simply how excited you are about playing the guitar everyday. That means that picking the right teacher — one who will motivate and inspire you — is one of the most important decisions you will make for your guitar playing future.

Make Your Life Easier By Choosing Pro Guitar Studio for Guitar Lessons in Mississauga and Oakville. 

Keep Reading Below To Find Out How You Can Stay Motivated And Inspired As You Learn To Play The Guitar. 

“In a few short months, Jason’s flexible, patient and coaching style of teaching has shown me what is really possible.”

-Jack van Roosmalen

“I have been struggling for a few years now to improve my skills, and it seems now that things are in motion and advancing thanks to Jason’s teaching methods.”

-Paul Toffolo

5 Ways That An Expert Guitar Teacher Can Help You

​1. Solutions to your problems from someone who has been through it all before. A skilled guitar instructor will be able to spot your weaknesses and problem areas and show you the easiest way to fix them.

2. Motivation and inspiration so that you want to practice and improve your guitar playing. It’s a lot easier to become motivated to practice the guitar if you are accountable to someone else, and given opportunities to play with others.

3. Expert feedback to help you improve as quickly as possible. You will know what you are doing wrong and how to correct it right from the start. Many self-taught players pick up some very bad habits that are quite hard to get rid of. You can’t get this kind of advice from books, DVD’s and YouTube videos.

4. Massive Results – Trying to learn by yourself can be painful. It’s hard to know what areas of your playing to focus on without help from someone who’s been there before. A great teacher can get you pointed in the proper direction right from the start – especially if they have a good roster of students who can do what you want to do.

5. Guidance – An expert guitar teacher will find a direction and plan that suits you and your needs, and will make sure you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture along the way.

Many players who choose to try to learn the guitar by themselves develop a whole range of problems in their playing, including bad technique, poor posture, improper hand synchronization, and many other bad habits

If you’re just starting to play the guitar, you’ve done the right thing by seeking out the best guitar lessons in Mississauga right from the start. At Pro Guitar Studio you can be assured that you’re going to learn how to play the guitar properly and avoid bad habits, while making it fun and enjoyable for you at the same time. If you’ve already been playing for a while, you can learn how to fix those bad habits, and at the same time enhance your skill on the instrument and fall in love with the guitar again.

“The first couple years I tried on my own… with you my progress pretty much skyrocketed. The biggest improvement is probably just being able to improvise over almost any chord change and progression, and I feel comfortable doing it. You make it fun and interesting, you keep it easy in a way; you make it so that theory isn’t boring, and you teach it in a way that is easily applied to the guitar so that when I go home it makes things easier for me.”

-Rob McNamara

Burlington, ON

Here’s How Pro Guitar Studio Can Help You Become A Better Guitar Player In Less Time

• Fun Lesson Plans – So that you can enjoy yourself while building up your skills and knowledge on the guitar. Play the songs that you enjoy, at your skill level — this means you get to start playing right away.
• We’re A Dedicated Guitar School – Teaching people like you how to play the guitar is our only focus. You will learn things more in-depth with better strategies and insight than other jack-of-all-trades music schools.  
Modern Teaching Methods – Lesson materials are up to date and based off of modern music that you like and listen to – not beginner guitar books like most other music schools use. This translates into you playing songs that you like more quickly.
Clean Professional Studio – Learn in a spacious sound-proofed studio in a professional location, complete with guitars, amps, learning materials, and access to the latest modern technology so that you feel as comfortable as possible during your exciting learning experience.
Proven Results – It’s important to find a guitar school that will not just teach you things, but provide you with actual results. Don’t just take my word for it – check out what many of my satisfied students have to say about the time they have spent here at Pro Guitar Studio. Click here to meet some of our students
Proper training – It’s not what you play, but how you play it. Make the most out of what you know by taking part in top-notch training that will set you apart from other guitar players. 

“I find the lessons very motivating, so I go home and practice more, jam more with my son, and I’m always looking forward to more lessons next week.

-Neeraj Vashist

I’ve progressed a lot quicker, I think mostly with my confidence when it comes to my playing.”

-Shelley Saunders

“One thing I have gotten into in the last year, six months, that I would never been able to do before is I find myself in band right now, which has been a great thing.”

-John  Tremblay

Having A Great Guitar Teacher Is Like Having A Personal Coach Who Will Help You Focus On The Things That Matter Most – And Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes.

Many guitarists spend their whole lives wandering aimlessly without reaching their full potential on the guitar. So many hours wasted practicing improperly and inefficiently. So many frustrated moments where they wanted to give up the guitar. There are also many people who wanted to play guitar, but gave up because they had no clue what to do.

Does that sound like you? Do you want to be that person? All it takes is a single action on your part to get rid of all your frustrations and get back your hours of wasted time. It’s literally that simple! You’ve already done all of the groundwork by researching the best guitar lessons in Mississauga, and now there’s only one easy step left: Book a free introductory session to find out how you can take yourself to the next level. If you’re not convinced by now that Pro Guitar Studio is the guitar school for you, this meeting will give you the chance to see what you’re missing out on, and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have.

“Learning how to play the guitar continues to be a wonderful experience for me and lots of fun, too. Thanks to you, I’m really enjoying this journey….you are a great teacher.”

-Anne Ploder

“Jason teaches and balances the curriculum well enough for me to understand the basics, music theory, scales etc. to a point where I can practically apply them in achieving both short and long term musical goals and keeps it challenging and fun”

-Peter den Ouden

“My daughter not only looks forward to her lessons, but she practices regularly, not because she has to, but because she loves to.

-Darlene (mother of Carly) 

Still not convinced that we can help you? Click below to tell me more about your specific situation and receive a personal reply to answer any questions you may have, and find out how you can achieve exactly what you’d like to accomplish.